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With our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and belief in team spirit, as Softtech Ventures, we create synergy in start-ups with passionate teammates. We're excited to see you in our team that offers a safe entrepreneurial environment. 

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We stand by our seed-level start-ups actively, just like a founding partner by forming a trustworthy and long-term partnership, we help our start-ups find the right friends and technology partners using our experience in technology, and we're helping start-ups grow and develop; thanks to our trustworthy connections. 

Umut Esen
Managing Director

The freedom, diversity, and the chance to observe that comes from being able to work wherever you want in the world, together with an entrepreneurial ecosystem and an experienced team, create a wonderful mixture.  

Selçuk Sevindik
Head of UX



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I had the chance to form a start-up that offers technology-based solutions to problems that have occurred in my old line of work. Softtech Ventures allowed me to join our solutions with technologies that are fit for the field and transform them into services which in turn helped me reach not only my family but every farmer in Turkey.   

Göker Kuzucu

With the enthusiasm to create innovative products and solve challenging problems in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, you can be a part of a passionate and ever-learning team and take action for change. Our team's passion for their work and the discovery journey to offer technologies that add value to society never ends. 
With constant curiosity and valuable feedbacks from the team, you will learn and discover innovative subjects every day. In time, aside from its benefits to your expertise, you will be able to lead big projects and see your high performance.  

Working at Softtech Ventures


Working in an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the trustworthy Softtech Ventures 




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If you're passionate about your job, 

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If you want to feel safe with flexible working hours and telecommuting opportunities, 

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Working in an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the trustworthy Softtech Ventures