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Advice for Real Estate Consultants!

Interest in the real estate industry has recently been on the rise. The rising interest has certainly resulted in the interest in the profession of real estate consultancy. Real estate consultancy is one of the most favoured professions today. This profession does not only deal with the processes of buying, selling, and renting real estate. Real estate consultants are friends of their customers, supporting them all along the way. Customers want their friends in the industry to be professionals and people making a difference. This case adds new responsibilities to the shoulders of real estate consultants. Yet, taking on responsibilities should never intimidate real estate consultants. The more responsibility grows, the more it becomes easier for you to turn expectations in your favour. It would be best if you stood out by making a difference among other consultants. We will share all the essentials with you in this article.

How to Become a Real Estate Consultant?

One formerly had to be at least a high school graduate to become a real estate consultant. Primary school graduates can now become real estate consultants, according to the renewed regulation. This has increased the number of employees in the real estate industry. So, it has become more significant than ever for real estate consultants to stand out and make a difference. One has to get a Professional Competence Certificate to become a real estate agent. We have already detailed this in our article titled "What is the Current Situation in the Professional Competence Certificate?". Real estate agent candidates have to take required exams to certify the education received and their knowledge. They need to be successful in exams to receive the necessary documents. Having just the skills and knowledge about the real estate industry is not enough. Real estate consultant making a difference should also improve themselves in today's various necessary areas: communication, marketing, sales, real estate law, investment, finance and digitalization.

How Much Do Real Estate Consultants Make?

The answer to this question is not clear as in every industry and profession. Their income may vary depending on their knowledge and expertise. Indeed, their personality traits also have an impact on their income.

Average real estate consultant incomes tend to fall in the 10.000 – 50,000 TRY under normal conditions. The range is for you to have an idea. It is possible to earn more. How much is made is actually in the hands of real estate consultants? The income may differ depending on the regions they work and their portfolios. It also may vary based on their knowledge, personality traits, methods and technologies.

Tips for Real Estate Consultants

The real estate industry is a dynamic industry. The number of real estate consultants is increasing day by day. You must stand out from this crowd and industry. We have compiled tips for you to become an outstanding real estate consultant. If you are ready for tips that will make you stand out, we are more than glad to share them!

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is vital to be a successful real estate consultant. You should know your aspirations and goals full well and act on them. The more you know yourself, the more you will take firm steps forward. If you know your goals and things to achieve your goal, you will always be ready for surprises that may come your way. You will not face challenges that affect your success. So, you will certainly be successful in the real estate industry.

Become an Expert in the Real Estate Industry

You should attend new education programs and acquire new knowledge to improve yourself in the real estate industry. Note that information is ever-changing and ever-renewing. What you learned yesterday may not be valid today. Your knowledge must always be new and up-to-date to expertise in the real estate industry.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication holds the keys to the kingdom, as you guess. Taking care of your customers sincerely and wholeheartedly will make them glad. The better you know your customers, the more strong relationships you can build. Strong relationships you build will come back to you as customer satisfaction. Satisfaction will motivate you; you will progress faster on the road to success. Remember, happy customers mean happy sales!

Have Your Region at Your Fingertips

It would be best if you chose a region in which you will need to extend your expertise. You may lose the regions you have when you want to specialize in a lot of regions. So, knowing the region that you will specialize like the palm of your hand, is essential. The more you know your region, the more you will succeed.

Reserve Your Place in the Digital World

As you know, everything is digitalizing now. Digitalization in all industries has been affecting the real estate industry as well. Keeping up with these innovations is crucial for you so that you will not fall off the map. You cannot ignore the power of technology. More technological knowledge means more advantages. This will simplify your work. Imagine doing the hours of work in less time. Wouldn't you spare more time for your customers and yourself?

Melisa Çetin

Product Marketing Assistant Specialist at Maydanoz

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