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Can a Software Developer Be an Entrepreneur?

What is Software?

Before diving into my blog post, I think it would be right to state that I am both a young software developer and an entrepreneur. I will try to tell you about my experience in these matters as much as possible.

Well then. Let's first start with what software is. Firstly, I'm sure this subject has also been discussed many times in our other blog posts. Simply put, the software is a structure used to program some parts that we use in our daily life or that we never use but need to. If you are wondering what it means to be programmed, programming is the configuration that allows you to develop tools that can get machines or computers to do what humans can do manually.

Software is leveraged in many areas nowadays, making our lives easier. Of course, some also exploit software to harm people. However, there is no need to discuss those issues today. As a young software developer, I also believe it would be better to use this technology for the benefit of humanity.

So what is entrepreneurship, and how did I join this ecosystem?

Entrepreneurship is ensuring the production of various goods and products or making a profit by developing new products. I joined this ecosystem by becoming a part of a team 2 years ago. We established a startup that creates local innovations for the benefit of humanity. Accordingly, we aim to progress in this regard.

One day, the products we develop by merging software and mechanics may be the products that will radically change the world and the universe. I believe that even showing courage and having faith in what we can achieve can be considered proof of how we lay foundations in this regard.

Software and Entrepreneurship United

One can earn income by developing brand new software or creating new software by interpreting the existing ones. Here, entrepreneurship steps into the software and allows collaboration while producing and presenting new products. Mechanical products can be automated and launched via software, making a profit. There are also other equivalent examples. For instance, refrigerators we regularly use in our homes are a combination of mechanics and chemistry. However, large-scale companies that combine this with software and create great automation will present an excellent example of entrepreneurship. Back then, the mobile phones we always carried in our pockets were devices that could only convert electrical energy into sound waves. However, a genius brain and its great software team introduced them as the perfect devices, the smartphones, making their company the world's largest value-added technology company. These are great entrepreneurship examples that should not be overlooked.

Regarding combining our topics under one umbrella, although software and entrepreneurship are different subjects and entrepreneurship is analyzed from a remarkably larger scale, entrepreneurship incorporated the software ecosystem into itself, starting to gather everything under a much larger roof. Although this movement began particularly at the beginning of the 21st century, it has revealed itself more with the Covid-19 pandemic. The versatility of the software, the advancing technology, and the need for remote control and automation were among the primary factors that triggered this change. Nowadays, entrepreneurs or those who want to be entrepreneurs need to work with a great software developer more than ever. Many newly-launched projects which received huge investments are entirely run on software. Understanding the significance of this issue in our country, albeit late, has led to the development of many exemplary software projects.

Before ending my blog post, I would like to add that I believe we should be aware that the development of software will never end and that startups and entrepreneurs will need more software developers. Without delay, we need to increase our awareness regarding the young potentials in our country and let them in our ecosystem so that we can develop globally known projects.

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