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Emergency “ROSEN BRIDGE” and Transforming HR

The Einstein-Rosen Bridge was one of the theories that grabbed my attention when I was studying physics. According to the theory, also known as "wormhole", wormholes form a kind of shortcut, tiny tunnels that can take us to a galaxy five billion light-years from Earth in seconds. Would you like to travel to the not-so-distant past through Einstein's bridge? Though the galaxy of five billion light-years is far away, the pandemic dramatically transformed our lives as of 2019 and changed our sense of time. Let's go back to the past and look at Human Resources (HR). Those years when we thought that bowling tournaments could build employee loyalty... As technology was taking its baby steps, the companies doubled up everything with a document. Job description documents were written, for example. Each role was described through different items. The employee took a copy, and another copy was put in their file. As a matter of fact, employees sometimes thought that they had too much work. So, they took the job descriptions from dusty shelves out to reconsider their job description.

We can now digitally carry out many processes with the digitalization of HR in various areas. Though “Digitalization of Human Resources” is a topic for another post, I want to talk about how the perspective of the corporate and human has changed over time. To tell the truth, unless corporations design their processes as they should be, time disrupts them when needs change. We experienced this all together during the pandemic. Plus, we know that the only constant in life is change.

No matter whether it is a corporate or a startup, every enterprise should define the required roles well while setting up the organizational structure. So, we need clear job descriptions. Yet, job definition shouldn't be imposed while defining these roles. The needs should be well-identified based on the team's nature. The employee in that role and HR can define this role together. Roles, responsibilities, and capabilities should be resolved since needs & processes vary from one organization to another, even within the same company.

A successful company knows that employees are not a "source" but the most significant value. Employee retention is of great importance for the company and gaining employees by including them in the organization. Since it is utopian to expect every skill and competency to meet in one person, the first crucial point is identifying critical roles. Then, to recruit with the right tools and design the following stages well.

In a nutshell, the strategic perspective for the needs analysis is sometimes done by benchmarking for every company - regardless of corporate or startup. Then, the roles are defined based on this.

So, what kind of roles do we see in entrepreneurship? What to consider when specifying the tasks & responsibilities to firstly find the founders and create a team harmony with the early-stage employees? I will explain the details in my next blog. After a slight touch to remember the past... Hope to meet you in the next post of the series. We'll come back from Rosen Bridge :)

Gizem Eniş

Head of People


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