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Softtech Ventures has joined the international GSSN network Venture Builders are also a part of

This community and the sources shared within are very valuable, and therefore their membership criteria are quite selective. GSSN exists for hundreds of startup studios to share their ideas, suggest incredible people, form a global network, and increase capital for their portfolio companies.

Softtech Ventures/General Manager Umut Esen adds,

We are a passionate team to bring new ventures to the start-up ecosystem by empowering entrepreneurs. Joining GSSN will help us create international value and help us make more impact.

About Softtech Ventures

Sofftech Ventures is a Venture Building model. They offer startups that create value for society and aim to become global, a safe and long-term growth opportunity by prioritizing continuity with their technical knowledge, competent human resources, expertise in reaching these resources, and their ecosystem. Softtech Ventures hosts innovative projects in Turkey such as İmeceMobil, which brings finance, agriculture, and technology together; open-banking solution TekCep, and Maydanoz, which aims to become the new-gen digital assistant of real estate agents. Their goal is to invest in solution-focused platform startups in the fintech, insurtech, agritech, proptech, hrtech, edtech, and healthtech verticals, also aiming for sectoral digitalization and contributing to the future.

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