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The Importance of E-mail Marketing: A Step-by-Step Increase

We don't exaggerate when we say e-mail marketing is one of the essential building blocks of your company's marketing strategy. I'll explain the reason a few sentences later.

E-mail marketing is used to inform the people who subscribed e-mail list about your company/brand activity & product promotions as well as to increase sales and build your company/brand-consumer group. Non-subscribers are not in your consumer group; in other words, they will not be your potential customers. Yet, you can share up-to-date information about your company/brand, which will be advantageous when you send e-mails to the subscribers in your current e-mail list. You can access your customers faster and easier via e-mail marketing. Plus, you can achieve fast results if you follow the right e-mail marketing strategy.


You can very quickly communicate with many people by e-mail. According to the Ajans Press data reached from Statista, the active Facebook users worldwide have reached 2.85 billion as of the first quarter of 2021. That Twitter has 353.1 million users show that we shouldn't ignore the impact of social media. E-mail usage statistics highlight that there is a large user base.


Although it may be viewed as surprising, this data indeed reveals the time we spent online. Online shopping from e-commerce stores, subscriptions to news agencies to keep up on current events, and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and much more... An e-mail address is essential for all these. Your e-mail address has become like your online ID card as days pass. You can sign up on many platforms and be an active member through this identity. Data breaches and privacy issues can be a handicap in social media platforms, but you can reach a huge audience via e-mail. The right audience means the right marketing strategy. E-mail marketing now makes it easier to reach this audience. Yet, note that the e-mails you send may end up in spam based on your sending frequency and other strategies. So, the right strategy for e-mail marketing is be-all and end-all.

A little more detail...

E-mail marketing is significant because;

It leads among all age groups

Well, what does this mean? Most of us have an e-mail address regardless of age. Some innovations of the new world, the technological world, have started to know you by e-mail, no matter how old you are. Your e-mail address is your online identity. E-mail marketing will always build up its value. You can reach many people in this way. Even if not everybody uses social media in the digital age, they definitely have an e-mail address. This is what makes e-mail marketing more valuable.

You can reach your potential customers with a cost-effective marketing strategy

E-mail marketing is a highly budget-friendly option for you if you don't have a huge budget but need an effective marketing method. Many e-mail marketing tools offer packages suitable for any budget.

You can deepen your relationship with your customers; you have control over your e-mail list

You can reach your customers, create meaningful connections and update your marketing campaigns. So, if all goes well - if you follow the right strategy, you will have a direct communication line with the people that would be interested in your brand. Plus, the bond created by e-mail as a one-to-one communication way will bring you closer to that group.


So, if we say that the world is in the digital age today... Considering even the ones who don't prefer online shopping have turned to online platforms with COVID-19, each user means a new e-mail address to more digital platforms. A dramatic increase in e-mail usage statistics is ultimately expected. So, the significant reasons for e-mail marketing, which I mentioned above, have become more valuable than ever. Your users will be active customers through the pace of technological developments, the right strategy in e-mail marketing, the right target audience, and content.

Cansın Meltem Kalaycı

Digital Marketing & Ecosystem Assistant Specialist

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