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What is B2B Marketing?

Let's look at what B2B is and what it brings in the first place. Then, we dive into B2B Marketing Strategies. Standing for business-to-business, B2B is the marketing process between two companies - the company takes the place of an individual customer that we know. When two companies specify each other as customers, it brings about B2B, generally used in the business world.

On the other hand, B2B marketing is a marketing practice through which a business markets its products/services to another business. In other words, another business is now your customer. Your method to market and the strategy you choose establish your key business metrics. Your strategy has an effect on your product sales.

Evaluating marketing operations of businesses with predominantly another company's sales and purchase outputs is possible nowadays. The marketing strategy is of importance at this point. There are many strategies between the two companies when it comes to sales and purchase. These marketing strategies mainly aim to increase sales & purchase, and in the end, to increase margin.

Let's look at some B2B marketing examples together:

If an automobile company is buying products like tires for automobile manufacturing,

If a real estate agency is partnering up with other real estate agencies,

If a building materials company is selling products to architecture offices…

All these commercial transactions between companies support B2B.

Why B2B Marketing?

Many elements such as a product need between businesses, a company in need for another company's product and asking for services lead to B2B marketing. Commercial transaction between companies is the chain that makes up the ring in the whole picture. Companies coexist as long as they exchange their services with each other. A company having all the products it needs would be an astronomical example. Most of sustainable companies outsource products they do not have. This commercial transaction is based on the service commitment of companies to each other. They can only and fully coexist with each other and maintain.

The Most Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

One of the most effective B2B marketing strategies is to get help from the reviews, references and cases of current customers. So, your customer is informed about your products or services. You are on your way to becoming a reliable brand in your customers' eyes. Another effective method is feedback. You become aware of the aspects to develop and improve through the feedback.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only one of the essentials for your B2B marketing strategy. Potential customers do a preliminary search before deciding on purchase & sale. They obtain data on the internet. It is even hard to consider you as a potential seller if the product or service you sell is not among the top results.

The most effective way to improve your SEO ranking is to create effective content. You can rank on search engine results and make your brand appear at the top through effective content.

Your potential customers will realize that you are a reliable company and access your brand more often in search results.

Create Content for Your Website

Create blog posts in your business vertical that promote your website. Interact through your posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Don't forget to add links directing to your website.

Focus on Your Customer's Needs

Researching the needs of your potential customers is one of the B2B marketing keystones. You must meet the demands and needs of your customers if you want your product & service to become prominent and stand out amongst your competitors.

The Power of Social Media

Social media may be the most influential medium of the 21st century. It is now an entirely different world, accessible to everyone, where we immediately see the action & reaction. Differentiating your company from other competitors is a great responsibility at this point.

Your first goal is to actively use your social media channels. Plan your content, create a weekly and monthly content calendar. Create meaningful content, and don't ignore the reason why you share it.

Don't Pass Over Influencer Marketing

It is a crystal-clear fact that influencer marketing has transformed into a profession and become a marketplace nowadays. So, don't forget the widespread impact of influencers.

Researching influencer marketing is helpful if you have a sales or purchase plan with successful companies in the business. Many factors such as the industry and the company positions you want to influence have the power to reach out to your customers. We always visit Instagram at the end of the day though we are in the part that strictly follows LinkedIn.

Use E-Mail Marketing Strategy

You can send e-mails promoting your product and informing campaigns to your buyer customers with a single click through the optimization method to interact and support your potential customers.

Yet, an essential point needs attention here.

Your potential customers may want to unsubscribe, and you may lose them if you send e-mails too often.

All the mentioned methods affect and create value differently and produce effective results. Yet, balance is of great importance… Like in any business.

Cansın Meltem Kalaycı

Digital Marketing & Ecosystem Assistant Specialist

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