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Why Did I Come to Ventures?

I had great friends when I studied at University. All of us believed that we had great innovative ideas. So, we were finding new ideas constantly. Our mental was such as an idea production machine. Almost every day we would find a new idea and we would share it with other friends. We decided that if an idea was a good idea, it had to be implemented for real life. But the idea lifetime was between 1 hour to 1 day. Then, like previous ideas that died it would die too.

After graduation, the desire of finding new ideas and implement them in real life continued. Because I am very excited when I saw a good idea if it comes to life. I find it very nice and very valuable that an idea has flowed from the intellectual world of a person and turned into a reality in daily life. And if that idea adds value to a person’s life and makes life easier, then I really have a feeling of happiness mixed with envy.

First I started at a global company, then I passed to another huge company.

All-time when I spent there I have felt a lack of intellectual autonomy. They had rigid rules.

All things you did were being decided by your managers or board members. Projects tool, project structure, project architecture or end of project time etc. all of these were out of your decision. You might be right if you think that some of the decisions decided by them are understandable.

But, this was affecting developer productivity and creativity negatively.

Also, Implementing these decisions were taking much time and were moving very slowly because of vertical hierarchy.

If anything takes much time that in the technology universe was unacceptable. Because technology has a magnificent transformation and change and improvement speed.

Why of this slowness it was becoming hard to track technological progress in the world.

The other reason was that a lot of time was spent outside of development. Especially meetings. I really could not understand why the number of meetings was so much. I still do not understand. Every day you had at least one meeting.

For all these reasons, I could not imagine my future there. Then, I’ve decided to leave. After the decision of leaving, I’ve searched for new opportunities on the internet. I should have gone to a company that was more flexible, has fewer rules and has more development time, more autonomy for developers.

Then, I saw a job post for Softtech Ventures company on LinkedIn. I looked at the details of the job post and owner company. Some things caught my attention and I was excited. After my researches, I’ve applied for the job post.

Now I want to share the reasons for applying for the job;

NoRigid Rules: The first thing that I can say was the company has no rigid rules. It was much more flexible than my previous companies.

The second thing that I can say was about developer time on developing. In here developers had more time for developing. Thanks to flexible rules and more time for development, I would be more focused to improve myself and tracking the technological universe. Not for unnecessary meetings :) Someone or a hero should change the rules of that meetings anymore.

The main reason for applying was the job owner was a Venture company. Because being part of good idea to implement it was very attractive to me. Also, you have more autonomy. You can join meetings that are really necessary. Your thougths are important in here. You can change even whole structure if your thought are sensible :) They encourage you to contribute with your thoughts.

When I studied at the university, I desired to implement our idea and thoughts with my friends.

Because, since my university time, I’ve been thrilled to be part of a good idea to implement.

The company in the job post was exactly such a place. In other words, it was a company that was established on the realization of good ideas. And It is giving you an opportunity to realize good ideas and be part of good ideas.

That is why I came to Softtech Ventures 4 months ago. And I am happy to be here. Hope to be successful…

Thanks for reading…

İbrahim Halil Ateş

Senior Software Engineer

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